Funds To Get You To The Next Step

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Who We Are:

Funds to get you to the next step – Level Capital. Founded in 2011, we are a multi-channel lender advocating for small, mid-size and large builders. We bring institutional capital and technology while evaluating risk. Proprietary technology and data platform are our core.

Our loan programs are designed to address the specific needs, challenges and business objectives of small to medium sized builders and real estate investors. Our team of private portfolio lender professionals provides fast and efficient loan processing, approval, closing and draw administration of construction funds.

We will ensure you pick the right market, buy the right dirt and don’t under budget. We’ve invested millions into building our risk model and as a result, we offer peace of mind through data validation. We are a lender built by real estate experts and builders.

Small and medium sized builders often lack capital and business support necessary to grow. The hard money lenders provide capital but not overall platform/partnership. We bring the funds to get you to the next step.

Providing passion driven excellence focused on delivering world class service.
  • We were founded in 2011 (previously named Cyan Funding)
  • Our management team has 20+ years of construction lending experience
  • Pacific Northwest focused and expanding regionally/nationally
  • Focused on financing builders/investors for the construction of pre-sold or spec single family homes, townhomes and small multi-family projects
  • Builder DNA drives our culture and decision making
  • Growth plans focused on referral partnerships with local originators

Our company is growing by leaps and boundaries so if we aren’t in your state today, check back often as we are expanding quickly. We are adding new cities counties and states to our innovative lending packages.

Are you ready to hammer out the details?  Give us a call today: 425-406-2277.

Funds to get you to the next step.


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